Safe Wasp Nest Removal in Crewe

Wasp Extermination CreweWasps are generally considered beneficial to the environment by helping to control garden pests, especially in the warm months of spring and summer. But, they are also known to be harmful to people due to their ability to sting multiple times. They are the most aggressive of all stinging insects and will sting you when you get too close to their nest, or you provoke them in some way.

Wasps are attracted to sweet substances and often can be seen around the windows of your home. Usually their nests are located in the attic or loft area, so you will probably see them coming out of the guttering too. Wasps can be easily identified thanks to their black and yellow abdomen and their size of about 15 to 20 mm in length.

Seasonal Wasp Nest Development

During the winter months, the queen hibernates before starting a new nest. Usually at the beginning of the spring, she will lay the first batch of eggs. After they hatch, the newly formed workers will take over, looking after the larvae by returning to the nest with food and materials for it to expand.

The colony will continue to increase in size during the summer months. The last batch of eggs will consist of reproductive males and queens. The latter will then create new nests the next year. A typical wasp nest hosts thousands of wasps.

Proper Wasp Nest Removal and Extermination

When you spot a wasp nest in your property or suspect you may have one nearby, it’s always a better idea to call the professionals to remove it safely and carefully. We strongly advise against untrained people to attempt to remove a wasp nest on their own.

Those, trying to exterminate a wasp nest must first fully understand the pest they’re dealing with, wear special protective equipment and clothes to avoid risk of injury and sting. Usually our wasp nest removal service is performed in one visit. When the wasp nest is easily accessible, it is completely removed. Otherwise, the wasps are first treated with a puff powder that has neuroparalytic effect on them, and then the nest is removed.