Choose Us for Efficient Mice Control in Crewe

Crewe Rodent Removal ServicesDiscovering the presence of rodents in your property is not pleasant, and it can also be potentially harmful to residents and/or visitors. Mice and rats can cause damage by gnawing through wood, insulation, and even piping, as well as spreading disease and contaminating food. You can spot a potential mouse infestation due to things like droppings, signs that they have gnawed through something, or a strong ammonia odour.

When you need rat mice control in Crewe we provide you with a hassle-free, fast, and effective service – usually in one major visit. We use industrial, non-spray pesticides that get the job done without risking the health of any people or pets in residence or visiting the property.

How Is It Done?

We provide the most comprehensive mice control and rats control Crewe has to offer. This includes a full and thorough inspection of the premises, establishing exit points for the rodents, and assessing the scale of the infestation to determine the best mice extermination or rats extermination methods to use.

First, our team of highly-skilled rodent extermination experts will seal all holes using wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam, placing traps and laying down poison in instances of serious infestation. You can also receive prevention advice from our pest technicians on-site, helping you avoid a similar problem in the future.

Why Choose Us for Rodent Extermination?

  • With our guaranteed service we can provide you with two follow-up visits completely free of charge, so you get peace of mind that the issue is taken care of
  • We will take responsibility for the collection and disposal of dead rodents
  • We offer a quick and trouble-free mice and rats removal service at a price that suits you
  • Get in touch our helpful customer service team by phone or online 24 hours a day
  • All rodent removal services we offer in Crewe are completed by certified professionals
  • Book your appointment to happen any day of the week or at the weekend