Choose Us For Fast And Effective Garden Mole Removal in Crewe

Crewe Garden Mole Control ServicesAlthough it’s rare to see moles as they tend to stay underground as much as possible, it’s easy to see the damage they’re causing to your garden due to the piles of soil on the surface of your lawns and flowerbeds, known as molehills. These creatures can wreak havoc on the roots of plants because of their burrowing, so if you realise you have a mole problem in your garden it’s important to act fast. When you need garden mole removal in Crewe, our trained experts have the experience and skill to deal with the issue efficiently.

How We Carry Out Garden Mole Control in Crewe

The problems moles cause stems from the elaborate system of tunnels they dig underground, causing significant problems to plants. Moles are carnivorous creatures and live on a diet of invertebrates that are caught in their tunnel network. This means they don’t eat the plants they damage, and that their activity is usually at a high in late winter and early spring.

Our highly-trained garden mole control team in Crewe use industry approved equipment such as garden mole traps, as well as garden mole catchers, to safely remove the risk of irreparable damage to plants and lawns. We begin by carrying out a thorough inspection of your infestation, before assessing the best course of action to ensure the issue is dealt with efficiently and safely, without causing further damage in the process. We then provide two follow up visits completely free of charge with our guaranteed service, so we can check that the problem has been effectively dealt with.

The Benefits of This Service

  • Everything taken care of, from assessing the damage and scale of your garden mole problem to returning to your property
  • Comprehensive check that your garden mole removal services have been carried out effectively
  • Your health and safety is our number one priority
  • Only vetted and certified pest technicians will be on your property, using safety-accredited, industry leading products
  • We can provide a free consultation over the phone
  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • Appointments on offer seven days a week, including short notice and emergencies!