Quick and Easy Birds Removal in Crewe

Crewe Seagull Removal ServicesWhen you think of pest control services, you might think of rats or bug infestation more easily than you would think of birds, but pigeons and seagulls can cause a number of problems similar to that of any other pest.

Birds flocking or roosting on buildings can cause structural damage to a property, with their droppings or just the large numbers that they tend to flock in, causing displacement of pipes, guttering, and tiling.

Seagulls in particular can be notoriously aggressive, particularly when their young are around, so their presence can stop people enjoying their outside areas. We specialise in birds removal in Crewe, with a number of services tailored to suit your needs, so you know you’re getting the treatment that is best for you.

How Do We Do It?

The treatments we provide when it comes to pigeons removal or seagulls removal in Crewe do not involve killing the birds. The methods we use include placing netting and/or spikes on roofs or areas on which the birds are landing to prevent them from roosting in that particular area. We also use certified, industry-leading gel products to repel the birds, and to stop them from creating nests. We can also offer a bird control service that includes cleaning the bird’s droppings and feathers, so your property will be left good as new.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Bird Control in Crewe

  • Our main priority is leaving you safe in the knowledge that your seagull or pigeon control service has been a success
  • Only highly-skilled and qualified pest technicians are employed
  • Helpful advice so you can avoid a repeat of the problem, such as using birds scarer products and avoiding leaving food out on display
  • We guarantee we have the right service for you, at the right price
  • Friendly customer care team standing by to assist you 24/7
  • Convenient appointments available seven days a week, including no extra fee for weekends